With so many learning options these days, it can be difficult to know what your best choice is going to be.

Essentially, your decision comes down to two real options, either a physical seminar or training course, or an online alternative.

While both of these have their pros and cons, the real question is which is going to give you the best return on the time and money that you’re going to be investing. We’re going to take a look at these options a little more closely to find out which is worth your while and why.

seminar action

Seminar learning environment

Time is Money

How often have you heard the phrase time is money? And yet, this isn’t always the case, particularly when you look upon time as an investment. It’s true that in the long run you’re going to be investing a lot less time in a webinar than a seminar. Webinars tend to be relatively short in duration, but more than that a seminar is going to require travel, sometimes for a significant distance.

If both a webinar and seminar are offered on the same subject matter, you might think that means that the webinar is going to be a better investment for you. You’ll spend less time, and less money as well, whilst still getting the same information, right? What you’re not considering here is the advantages that real life seminars are going to give you that you just can’t get from an online training experience.

What Seminars Just Do Better

There are several reasons that you’re going to be getting much better value for money and value for time if you attend a real world seminar, rather than a webinar. One of the biggest of these is quite simply an opportunity to mix and mingle with your peers and experts in your field of business. This human element really cannot be underestimated. [click to continue…]


Are you stuck trying to decide between a webinar and shelling out a little more for a real world conference?

Is the cost of attending a conference putting you off?

Could you learn just as well in the comfort of your own office?

It’s true that a conference is probably going to cost you more, what with the cost of participation plus travel and accommodation fees, but it might be worth your while spending that extra cash. A real world conference is going to give you some pretty hefty advantages that you’re just not going to get from a webinar. Want to know what you’re getting for your money? Then here are five great reasons that a physical conference is going to beat a webinar every time.

delegates talking at entrepreneur conference

The most valuable part of any conference is talking to real people

Face Time

Face time is probably the most important advantage of attending a real life conference, rather than an online seminar. The chance to get face to face not only with the leading experts in your field, but also with colleagues and those that share your interests is invaluable. Getting yourself out there and recognised by people who could help build your success is a key benefit of conferences, and that human touch is something that a webinar just lacks.

Practical Experience

Whilst webinars can be a great way to share knowledge and even learn, conferences tend to be a little different from a simple talk or series of talks. A good presenter is going to give you hands on experience in what you’re learning, through role playing, discussion or even technical demonstrations. [click to continue…]


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