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Phil Turner

If you need to talk to Phil then email is the best option.PhilTurner (AT) Blue Orchard Group DOT com… ( just omit the spaces etc. Have to beat those bots somehow!)¬†You can phone me, but please remember that I live in Ireland (which is on Western European Time, the same as the UK). I do not keep normal working hours; I am at the computer from 0500-1900 and go to bed VERY early. (+353) 214 8 666 43 (Irish Landline). Check my Contact Us page.


The concept for BlueOrchardGroup.com is that this site is primarily about telling people about the value of conferences, both in general and in particular how they are essential aspects of entrepreneur development.

Entrepreneurs have a bad image, nobody in their right mind would want to become a greedy condescending, money-obsessed entrepreneur; me neither.

I have a different picture of an entrepreneur that I aspire to; someone who sees problems that need solving, finds solutions to those problems and monetises those solutions. My entrepreneur’s main purpose in life is to solve people’s problems.

What Do I Do?

I write; e-books, blog posts, infographics, emails and teaching materials. Running conferences and seminars means I can do everything I love, all at the same time. This site will introduce entrepreneurs to the concept of conferences and why they are an essential part of entrepreneur training.


Why Do I do It?

I became an entrepreneur after being made redundant in 2010. I am self-taught, as most entrepreneurs are, though I am educated and taught chemistry for 27 years in my previous life.

I am drivcn to help others to develop their entrepreneurial talent. That is my purpose in life, to show you how you can sack your boss and become an entrepreneur.

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